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Osaka Science Museum is a science museum in the center of Osaka, Nakanoshima area, representing in Japan. The museum sends the message on the culture in the theme of "Universe and Energy" to enjoy the science.

This museum was replaced from "Osaka Electric Science museum" which was open in March 1937. And the electric science museum had the planetarium which was the first in Asia. Star theater where you can see stars during a day shocked and moved many people, especially, Osamu Teduka, the famous comic writer.

One of the highlights is the world's best planetarium. The space expert guides you to the starry sky and the universe using the high performance gigantic planetarium which is the first one in Japan and provides on live presentation passed over traditionally in Osaka Science museum.

There are around 200 exhibits including many experiment tools and documents in the exhibition hall having four stories and 3000 sq.. You can feel the mystery, beauty and pleasure of the science. Also, the museum has areas to have experiments on the science on the second floors of the exhibition hall.

Exhibits display various "real" document. For example, there are elements of periodic chart learnt at school on the fourth floor of the exhibition hall. You can also check the experiment tools used at Osaka university or Tokyo university, or star drawing in Edo period.On the third floor where various things are exhibited, there are natural beautiful stones, silver, or colorful chemical paint.
And on the first floor, the museum has a magnificent iron tower and "Gakutensoku" the first robot in Japan.

Addition to the exhibits, it has experiment show by museum's staff every day in the science area on the third floor. And exhibition hall has experiences or demonstration with science guide provided by a volunteer:Science Guide.

Address :

Hours :9:30 am - 5:00 pm
※ Last planetarium show starts at 4:00 pm
Closed : Mondays (For a holiday and in case of a substitute holiday, Opening , it'll close next weekday.), Year-end and new-year holidays
Access :
-a 5-min walk from the Exit 3 of Higobashi Station on Yotsubashi Subway Line.
-a 5-min walk from the Exit 2 of and Watanabebashi Station Nakanoshima Line.

Airport/Sta.Osaka International Airport (about 12.1km) Google Transit

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