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Sankeien Garden, 10 minutes by taxi or bus from Negishi Station, is a huge landscaped garden with ancient architectures relocated from Kyoto and other areas. Near the main entrance gate is a sprawling pond where you can see koi carp, ducks and lotus flowers. Enjoy a relaxed stroll through flowers and greenery, participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and climb the hill to take in a good view of a pagoda.

The garden was created by a businessman and tea ceremony master in 1906, who endeavored for a decade to relocate some historical architectures. Most of the buildings date from the 16th or 17th century, including a teahouse originally located in Nijojo Castle in Kyoto, and a villa of the Tokugawa shogunate family in Wakayama Prefecture. A steep thatched-roof house (gassho-zukuri) was also relocated in 1960. Spend at least half a day to fully enjoy the expansive space and get a feel of ancient Japan.

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