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Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia4.3

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In this zoological garden in the suburbs of Yokohama, you can see animals in an environment similar to their natural habitats. The zoo was opened in 1999 under the themes of "Symbiosis of Life" and "Harmony with Nature" and uses mostly moats, instead of fences or walls, to divide the animals and the viewers.

The animal exhibitions are divided into seven different climate zones - Subarctic Forest, Central Asian Highland, Asian Tropical Forest, Oceanian Grassland, Amazon Jungle, African Tropical Rain Forest, and Japanese Countryside. The zoo exhibits such rare animals as okapi, proboscis monkey, Tsushima cat, Indian lion, kagu and a various types of tapirs. The zoo has a breeding center for the purpose of researching and preserving rare species.

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4.0in the last week

We've been to a few zoos in the area recently and this is the best by far.
Great place to visit, lots of animals lots of places for children to play.
Well laid out, didn't take the shuttle bus back to main gate, walk back wasn't too long, also meant we got to take photos with statues in a low park area. Areas for eating and sitting, as well as playing, really surprised me, it's more than just a zoo (or zoos have changed).
Downsides to stop me giving it 5 stars were only minor, things like windows on some enclosures needed cleaning, maintenance work ongoing is quite a few places, but winter is an "off" season time I guess when it's best to do the work, a few animals "on holiday".
Taxi from train station was 1600 yen there and 1700 yen back.
We will be back!

5.08 months ago

This zoo covered a large area and feels like a park with many area. The animal's habitats are much larger than most zoos in Japan. There is a large playground in the middle of the zoo which is very fun. It has a climbing zone, slides, zip line, and picnic areas. Exploring the zoo at a comfortable pace will take most of the day. The zoo is very accessable for strollers and wheelchairs. All exhibits have level access, ramps. The few observation platforms that are high above ground level also have elevators. You can enter the zoo from two directions and there is a shuttle bus between the ends of you don't want to walk back to your car. Parking is ¥1000 flat rate and paid when you exit. You can pay at the exit using cash or buy an exit ticket with a credit card if you want. Prepare for a long wait if you leave at closing time.

5.02 months ago

Amazing zoo near Yokohama with over eight different animal habitats. We really enjoyed our time here and the only complaint was we didn't make it to all of the exhibits because we arrived around 1400 and it closes at 1630. Make sure you arrive early in the morning when they open the gates at 930 so you can see everything. Also, it's quite a walk to go from one side to the other so make sure you wear comfortable clothes, check the weather and bring some water. It costs ¥800 to enter for an adult and children under the age of elementary school are free. I highly recommend you visit with your family.

4.08 months ago

Awesome zoo. Longer than it is wide. Really good entry price but surprised with 1000 yen price for parking. Very happy to see a 200 yen shuttle bus to bring you back to the main entrance once you reach the end. They limit entry on the weekend so you have to make a reservation

5.05 months ago

I love this zoo. So many fun animals, children's play areas are all over the place, the food is super cheap and delicious and best of all, kids are free on the weekends! If you have little ones you can rent a stroller from the park for very cheap and the park is beautifully designed. I love coming here.

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