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Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia4.3

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In this zoological garden in the suburbs of Yokohama, you can see animals in an environment similar to their natural habitats. The zoo was opened in 1999 under the themes of "Symbiosis of Life" and "Harmony with Nature" and uses mostly moats, instead of fences or walls, to divide the animals and the viewers.

The animal exhibitions are divided into seven different climate zones - Subarctic Forest, Central Asian Highland, Asian Tropical Forest, Oceanian Grassland, Amazon Jungle, African Tropical Rain Forest, and Japanese Countryside. The zoo exhibits such rare animals as okapi, proboscis monkey, Tsushima cat, Indian lion, kagu and a various types of tapirs. The zoo has a breeding center for the purpose of researching and preserving rare species.

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5.0in the last week

Wonderful zoo experiences. My baby love the zoo so much. Especially the kids play area. The restaurant inside the zoo also served good food. A lot of area for picnic too. The area was really huge, make sure you are wearing a good pair of shoes for long walk.

5.03 months ago

One of the best zoos in Japan. Animals from all over the world with ample enclosement space, unlike most other zoos in Japan.
You can even take your own food and have a little picnic.

5.0a month ago

My first time seeing a North Chinese / Amur Leopard up-close and personal. It was a really beautiful and memorable trip to Zoorasia and to Japan, due to the other animals which can be found there as well. Will definitely visit again!!!

3.04 months ago

A nice zoo in city area. Quite big. Most animals are not in traditional cages, but in their own small piece of jungle.

4.07 months ago

Great! Enjoyed seeing all the different animals despite the heat. I wish the weather was cooler because by the end we were in a rush to reach a shelter. Big pro: the zoo provides lots of rest area, some with water mist

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