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Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia4.3

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In this zoological garden in the suburbs of Yokohama, you can see animals in an environment similar to their natural habitats. The zoo was opened in 1999 under the themes of "Symbiosis of Life" and "Harmony with Nature" and uses mostly moats, instead of fences or walls, to divide the animals and the viewers.

The animal exhibitions are divided into seven different climate zones - Subarctic Forest, Central Asian Highland, Asian Tropical Forest, Oceanian Grassland, Amazon Jungle, African Tropical Rain Forest, and Japanese Countryside. The zoo exhibits such rare animals as okapi, proboscis monkey, Tsushima cat, Indian lion, kagu and a various types of tapirs. The zoo has a breeding center for the purpose of researching and preserving rare species.

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5.0in the last week

It's one of the best zoos we have ever seen! If you're in Tokyo, skip Ueno Zoo and rather visit this one, definitely much better;) Animals are very well kept, have large space and there are huge playgrounds for the kids, as well. You can find many eating options and what we really liked, it's not crowded at all. 5 stars;)

5.0a month ago

Great day out as part of a school trip. Would love to go back and see the rest of the park as it really needs a full day of exploring!

5.03 months ago

One of the biggest zoo around Tokyo. The commute from Central Tokyo is a hussle indeed. Apart from that, the zoo is a beautiful place to bring young children for a fun packed day. There are plenty of children's play equipments in different parts of the zoo. And the greeneries are plush around the whole place. Plenty of detailed displays on different zones of the world.

5.04 weeks ago

Very large zoo. Very good playgrounds for children.I like this place

4.08 months ago

Huge place with great scenery and animals. An awesome place to bring kids! The zoo has many small rest/eating places to stop at. They also have some misting areas which is nice for the hot summer days. The back part of the zoo (where you get towards safari animals) doesn't really have much shade/tree areas, so be careful of the heat.

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