Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

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Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, or Izumo Oyashiro, is located in Izumo City of Shimane Prefecture, and is considered as one of the oldest and most important shrines in Japan. The deity enshrined is Okuninushi-no-Kami god. The current shrine was built in 1744 and is designated as a national treasure.
Izumo Taisha is believed to have been the tallest building in Japan during ancient times. It is said that the building was immense, standing 96 meters (about 315 ft) tall. However, in the Middle Ages it was 46 meters (about 150 ft) tall, and presently it is 24 meters (78 ft) tall. Even now, its majestic appearance continues to impress visitors.
According to the unique folklore, the myriad of gods around Japan all gather to this shrine to conduct meetings once a year. The origin of this folklore goes back to ancient Japanese mythology, but many visitors from all over the country come to pay a visit hoping for good fortune when the meetings occur.

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