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The 70-story Landmark Tower, built in 1993, is Japan's second highest skyscraper at 296m, following Abano Harukasu in Osaka at 300m. On the 69th floor is the Sky Garden observatory where you can get views of Yokohama and Tokyo, and on clear days Mount Fuji. The building boasts one of the fastest elevators in the world (45km/h), which takes you to the observatory in 40 seconds.

The lower five floors are occupied by the Landmark Plaza shopping mall, and the Dockyard Garden in the basement is a square surrounded by restaurants. The square's design is a replica of Japan's oldest dockyard which was in operation in the port of Yokohama from 1896 until 1973.

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5.0a month ago

The mall is huge and multi-level. They have a 5 star hotel here but we only got to visit the 360 degree viewing deck. The elevator, one of the fastest in the world was a short but nice experience! We get to buy some souvenirs and the staff are all friendly. Trip to Japan should always include this place and the city of Yokohama. Great people, lots of fun things to do and great food!

5.02 months ago

I arrived at the tower around 5:30pm, the perfect evening time to see all the city lights while the sky still colorful and not as dark.

Absolutely stunning 360 degree view of charming Yokohama city. You also get to see a proper view of Tokyo Bay and the famous Cosmo Clock 21 giant Ferris Wheel which lights up in the evening throughout the night.

Luckily, the skies were very clear during the day I went. So I got to see a clean view of Mt. Fuji. That was my most memorable highlight of the day, absolutely magnificent.

This landmark tower also feature the fastest elevator in Japan. I personally would call it "catapult" elevator just because the speed allows this elevator to reach the 69th floor in about 40 seconds.
Hands down, the most interesting elevator ride ever!

Possibly my favorite city view so far, even better than One World Observatory in New York.

Oh, you get to experience all this for just 1000 yen. Simply amazing.

5.07 months ago

One of the best observatory I have been to. Till now I have been 6 time to Sky Garden of The Landmark Tower Yokohama but I want to go there again and again. Beauty of this observatory is that you can enjoy sea and city views together. It’s 360 degree so you can see scenic beauty in all the directions. Best time to go there is around 4:00PM in winter and around 5:00PM in summer. During this time you can enjoy daylight views, sunset views and of course later at night stunning night views. There is one cafe also so you can easily spend your time. Highly recommended!!!

4.02 weeks ago

First time there, for those who go to Tokyo few days I advise them to take one afternoon to visit Yokohama and this beautiful landmark in center of the city. This change from Tokyo, there is more space and you can walk along the coast. There is subway station near that just take Tokyou line from Shibuya

5.0in the last week

Alot of pokemon themed events. Travelators to bring you from the station to the mall.

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