Odawara Castle Ruins Park

Sightseeing information about Odawara Castle Ruins Park in Japan.

Odawara Castle Ruins Park (Odawara Joshi-koen)2.5

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A city park, located in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which was built on the site of Odawara Castle, surronding the site of the castle's Honmaru (main enclosure). Cherry blossom trees are planted on site, some of them being planted in the early Showa Period (around the 1930s), even before the Tenshukaku (castle tower) was restored in 1960, and this park has been selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan. They are amazing to see in full bloom from the late March to early April (in average year), especially along the avenue from the red Manabi-bashi Bridge toward the castle tower. In other seasons, you can also enjoy other flowers such as plums, azaleas, wisterias, irises, hydrangeas and lotuses. Other than historic sites including the castle tower, castle gates, the local culture museum and the Ninja museum, there is also a kids amusement park with a park train and other attractions for younger kids.
https://odawaracastle.com/ (Japanese - can be Google translated)
Guide map https://odawaracastle.com/castlepark/ (Japanese)

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5.04 months ago

Cool historical landmark. Beautiful inside the castle courtyards; there are even some monkeys to see. Cool place for taking some nice pictures. Only ¥500 yen to get in, and there are some interesting artifacts to check out. If you like history, would recommend, but even as someone who isn't a history buff, I still enjoyed it. On the top floor, you are also able to walk around on a balcony and see the water and city.

5.0a month ago

Very good place....augoi ne

5.04 months ago

Awesome castle and grounds to explore. There are multiple pay by the hour lots surrounding the castle.

4.05 months ago

Not much to see, except the castle itself.
Inside castle photography is prohibited.
A short trip near to beach makes good combination.

3.0a year ago

Beautiful castle and grounds. The museum inside provided only Japanese signage so all of the history was lost on me. Stunning view from the top. Volunteers were amazingly helpful!!

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