Cape Manazuru

Sightseeing information about Cape Manazuru in Japan.

Cape Manazuru (Manazuru Misaki)3.3

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Cape Manazuru is a cape located at the tip of the Manazuru Peninsula, in the south part of Kanagawa Prefecture which is made of lava from the Hakone Volcano when it erupted about 150 thousand years ago. From the cape, you can view Izu Oshima Island and Hatsushima Island on sunny days. The area is surrounded by a primeval forest with gigantic trees and there are four promenades provided so you can take a walk in the forest. 500 meters off from the tip of the cape, the Mitsu-ishi (Three Rocks) with a sacred rope can be seen among sea and you can reach the boulders from the beach by walking on the sandbar with small rocks during low tide.

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5.05 months ago

The endless blue Sagami Bay that stretches beyond three large rocks, sometimes streak clouds when looking up, and sometimes cumulonimbus clouds, but there is nothing to block the blue sky.
You can see such a wonderful view just a short walk.
This is a scenic spot that visitors to this region should definitely visit.
However, when the sea is rough due to a typhoon, the waves are rough and dangerous, and New Year's Day is very crowded, so it is better not to go.

5.0in the last week

A beautiful place not far from Tokyo, a real hidden gem!

5.03 months ago

Lovely walk down a step of stairs to the rock beach (no sand). Tide pool and lots of ocean exploring

4.0a year ago

Beautiful place, the only thing that ruins it is how much garbage there is on the beach, it is heart breaking.

5.0a year ago

Very beautiful for a sunrise! Just be careful which path you take!

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