Shinjuku Nomura Building Observation Deck

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A free observatory surrounded with restaurants on the 50th floor of the Shinjuku Nomura Building. From the small westward-facing area at 200 meters above the ground, you can view a carpet of buildings in Shinjuku area and north-west Tokyo. When the sky is clear, you can see the mountains of Chichibu and Tanzawa (and, if you are even luckier, Mt. Fuji) as well. The lobby, though not large, is provided with chairs so that you can spend a relaxing time. Other free places to chill in the building include the Sunken Garden plaza adjacent to another restaurant zone on 1st basement floor and the shared open terrace on the north-west side of the 1st floor.
50F Floor Guide (Japanese)

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3.03 months ago

Nice building, Black Company so I'm told.

5.07 months ago

You can go to top, 5/5. +1 for the nice view at top with legend.

4.03 months ago

Massive building, looks like a villain's lair in a post-apocalyptic world

5.02 years ago

Nice building that I bet you've seen if you've ever seen pictures of Tokyo! Large open spaces for working, and the restaurants on the top floors have great views. (They are also great Japanese restaurants - highly recommended if you get a chance to visit!) It's a nice feeling to go to a landmark like this and have a good experience, which I believe is likely for any of the reasons you might want to come here.

5.0a year ago

cbd area and there is a nice cafe on the right of the building, drip coffee

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