Sightseeing information about Karuizawa in Japan.


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Karuizawa is a popular mountain retreat from summer heat at the foot of Mount Asama. There are innumerable attractions including waterfalls, hot spring resorts and hiking trails that offer stunning mountain views with seasonally changing colors. This is an all-in-one spot for those seeking laid-back nature and outdoor activities. Nature lovers can enjoy the botanical garden and the bird-watching forest.

There are many shopping and dining options in the gigantic Karuizawa Prince Shopping Outlet and on the Old Karuizawa main street. The box lunch sold at Karuizawa station is a highly recommended local delicacy. Karuizawa is the only town in the world providing venues for both summer and winter Olympic games - equestrian events in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and curling in the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

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