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Yamatane Museum of Art was found in 1966 by Taneji Yamazaki who has donated his numerous collection of Japanese art.
Since the 1971, the Yamatane Museum or Art Award was inaugurated to encourage excellent young artists.
The museum's collection of over 1,800 works is centered on modern and contemporary nihonga from the Meiji period on. It also includes classic calligraphy, early modern paintings, ukiyo-e, and Western-style paintings. Works that have been designated Important Cultural Properties, six in total, are Court Ladies Enjoying Wayside Chrysanthemums by Iwasa Matabei (1578-1650), View of Mt. Kunō, by Tsubaki Chinzan (1801-1854), Tabby Cat, by Takeuchi Seihō (1864-1942), Nude, by Murakami Kagaku (1888-1939), Dancing in the Flames and Camellia Petals Scattering by Hayami Gyoshū (1894-1934).

Access :
・a 10-min walk from JR Ebisu Sta.
By Bus:
・ From Shibuya Sta. : Take a bus bound for Nisseki Medical Center and get off at "Higashi 4-chome"stop (an appr. 2 minute walk from the bus stop)
・From Ebisu Sta. : Take a Toei Bus bound for Nisseki Medical Center and get off at "Hiroo Kōkō (Hiroo high school) Mae" stop.

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