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Kurobe Dame, surrounded by the majestic Northern Japanese Alps, boasts a height of 186m to be Japan's tallest arch dam. From early summer to autumn, the dam releases 10 cubic meters of water every second, forming a dynamic scenery among the peaks upwards of 3000m. The site is one of the major points on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, and you are more than likely to see a stunning rainbow on a clear day.

Take a deep breath to refresh yourself, while watching abundant nature that changes seasonally. There are a number of hiking trails leading to the higher areas of the Tateyama mountain range. It is highly recommended to take the cruise ship “Garve” to go around Lake Kurobe, or sample the local specialty, Kurobe Dam curried rice.

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5.02 weeks ago

This is the tallest dam in Japan located between bus station and cable car station. There is an observation desk which has to go up about 200 steps of stairs to get there. After arriving at the desk, you will see the breathtaking view of the dam and mountain behind.

5.03 months ago

Very beautiful. You need to spend time here about 1hr if you want to appreciate it. The highest point to have a beautiful view require high climb. Prepare yourself well. Beautiful.

4.05 months ago

The fastest autumn red site in Japan. The dam is an impressive structure and apparently an engineering feat. Best if done in combination with other activities on the mountain. The price to reach the top or cover the entire Kurobe alpine route is quite high but the place is always full with hikers/tourist groups. To escape the crowds, proceed to the top of Mt. Tate from Muroto station of Kurobe route. This place is chock-full of people during Spring and Autumn.

5.06 months ago

It is in the Kurobe alpine route or also known as the Japanese Alps. I visited the route on the last day of April and the weather was excellent.

It took us over 4 hours by train and bus to reach the Kurobe Dam from Nagoya. The bus ride from Ogizawa to the Dam was about 15 minutes through a 6-Km tunnel. It was windy and cold on to of the dam.

There is an observation deck that provides a scenic view of the area & the Dam but it involves quite a bit of climbing. There's a kiosk where you can purchase some snacks. You can also have your photo taken at the Dam by the professional.

It's definitely worth a visit. The Dam would look different at different time of the year. It gives you a good reason for re-visiting the place again and again (^.*) you can walk over the top of the dam. There is also a boat that offers a 30-minute cruise around the reservoir. In the Rest House, there is a small gift shop and a cafeteria.

5.04 months ago

Japan's highest hydro dam is quite a journey from Nagano but is well worth it as it's the entry to the Alpine way. Spectacular rainbow from the discharge point with a beautiful walk along the lake. Nice autumn colours in late October.

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