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Kurobe Dame, surrounded by the majestic Northern Japanese Alps, boasts a height of 186m to be Japan's tallest arch dam. From early summer to autumn, the dam releases 10 cubic meters of water every second, forming a dynamic scenery among the peaks upwards of 3000m. The site is one of the major points on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, and you are more than likely to see a stunning rainbow on a clear day.

Take a deep breath to refresh yourself, while watching abundant nature that changes seasonally. There are a number of hiking trails leading to the higher areas of the Tateyama mountain range. It is highly recommended to take the cruise ship “Garve” to go around Lake Kurobe, or sample the local specialty, Kurobe Dam curried rice.

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5.0a week ago

Dam had a very interesting structure. It somehow slopes inwards rather than outwards. Makes the viewer feel very small.

5.0a month ago

Amazing view.. the dam, the mountain, the snow, the cable car, everything is amazing. I started the trip from Toyama, when get on the cable car, I was standing at the right side which is an advantage since I can see and record the breathtaking view.

4.0a month ago

The Kurobe dam is on the Alpine route, an exciting journey into the mountains. You go by tram, cable car and bus. The dam is a scenic place where you can relax. The walk to the observatory is a steep climb up many steps so do it slowly. You can have a Refreshing coffee or a drink to cool off on top. Restrooms are also available there. You can also do a scenic boat ride. We missed a dance performance there as we were rushed but look out for jtt. Great photo oops everywhere. Dress warmly as ists cold and breezy.

5.02 months ago

A good experience for the lazy to climb a mountain without climbing. 😂😂 Even so, there is a fair bit of stair climbing but the view is definitely well worth the effort. In comparison to the Hoover dam, this is much much more spectacular and much more better in setting. The surrounding mountains only add to the beauty of the dam. Getting up there is an experience too, having to catch an electric bus and also cable car and a mountain tram (funicular???). On the tram, for better photo opportunities I would suggest that you don't sit but stand right at the end or front as they can get pretty packed.
This trip is still pretty hard going so I wouldn't recommend it for the really unfit or older people. When you reach the higher areas you will be over 4000m above sea level so some people may get a little altitude sickness with the exertion so take your time and take it easy. Funny enough, smokers seem to have an easier time up there as long as they don't smoke when up there.

5.02 months ago

The dam is huge and with beautiful views on both sides of it.
Went at beginning of spring and there were workers shuffling snow.
Lakes were frozen. Views are astonishing.

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