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Amano-hashidate (Bridge to Heaven) is a pine-covered, narrow sandspit in the northern coastal region of Kyoto Prefecture. This 3.5km-long 'bridge' of 8000 pine trees spans north-south to divide Miyazu Bay, and is considered on of Japan's three great views. The east side has a white sandy beach and attract swimmers and strollers.

Viewing from the nearby hills, ancient people called this sandbank "the bridge to heaven". At the south end of the sandspit is a ropeway leading to the observatory atop the mountain. The sandbank is 20m to 170m wide and vehicles are not allowed to enter. Rent a bicycle at the either end of the sandbar.

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5.0in the last week

Great scenery. The rail car that goes up to the view point is small and a bit uncomfortable when they packed over 10 people inside. There is bike rental for about $5. I enjoyed riding it and the view along the tail.

5.02 weeks ago

Great view from the top of the mountains nearby. Lots of local shops selling local food and souvenirs. It takes about 50 min to walk across the sand bar, but you can rent a bicycle for about 800 yen to get around the area, or a one way boat ride is 700 yen. There's also this strange pose everyone does at the top of the ropeway in a designated area.

5.0a month ago

This place is amazing. We spent a night here in a tent, such a great experience!

5.0a week ago

Such a great place to visit. Especially in Sakura season

5.0a week ago

Amanohashidate is a very scenic place to visit. It is one of the "three views" of Japan. A very iconic place to visit. We visited by taking the train from Kyoto, since our JR railpass was still valid. Going there takes some time, and some of the railways going there are not included in the JR railpass (you have to pay separately), but it is still worth the visit. We took a ferry across the water and went up with the cable car. We also made the mandatory upside down camera shots and went balk walking over the sand bar. If you have the time, be sure to make a visit!

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