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Amano-hashidate (Bridge to Heaven) is a pine-covered, narrow sandspit in the northern coastal region of Kyoto Prefecture. This 3.5km-long 'bridge' of 8000 pine trees spans north-south to divide Miyazu Bay, and is considered on of Japan's three great views. The east side has a white sandy beach and attract swimmers and strollers.

Viewing from the nearby hills, ancient people called this sandbank "the bridge to heaven". At the south end of the sandspit is a ropeway leading to the observatory atop the mountain. The sandbank is 20m to 170m wide and vehicles are not allowed to enter. Rent a bicycle at the either end of the sandbar.

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5.03 months ago

A great relaxing walk. But if you go here in a weird between season period, get ready to see the clouds rush in and you wishing you brought your umbrella or poncho. Temple on each end of the walk. Ideal experience would be on a bicycle.

5.0a week ago

Great with family and kids. Very beautiful during summer.

5.03 months ago

Went with hubby for a romantic day trip from Kyoto. The view from the top is amazing! Will definitely come back when hubby gets older (oh I'll stay young btw)!

5.03 weeks ago

A beautiful place. Very peaceful when it rains

5.04 months ago

You can go around by bike. It has a very nice beach, good for sunbathing. Easily accessible for train station. Two hours bus from Kyoto.

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