Sightseeing information about Amanohashidate in Japan.


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Amano-hashidate (Bridge to Heaven) is a pine-covered, narrow sandspit in the northern coastal region of Kyoto Prefecture. This 3.5km-long 'bridge' of 8000 pine trees spans north-south to divide Miyazu Bay, and is considered on of Japan's three great views. The east side has a white sandy beach and attract swimmers and strollers.

Viewing from the nearby hills, ancient people called this sandbank "the bridge to heaven". At the south end of the sandspit is a ropeway leading to the observatory atop the mountain. The sandbank is 20m to 170m wide and vehicles are not allowed to enter. Rent a bicycle at the either end of the sandbar.

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5.06 months ago

One of Japan’s most scenic place according to some and I have to agree! You can cross the sandbar on foot but it can take a while, best to rent a bike at either end! Or take a speed boat if that’s your preference.

4.04 months ago

Interesting landscape, walked across, about 3.5 km. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. I think the better time to come would be spring and fall!

5.05 months ago

An awesome place. Amanohashi viewland is great place to enjoy the view, see rainbow (if raining) and the sea. Great place to visit with family and friends.

5.07 months ago

Absolutely stunning and well worth the train ride from Kyoto to come here, just for the view. The chair lift was fun to ride and there are many places at the top where you can see different angles of the vista. A must-visit if you love natural scenery.

5.05 months ago

Good long walk, careful not to eat during your walk, a big bird just slapped my face and stole my ice cream when I ate while walking.

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