Otaru Canal

Sightseeing information about Otaru Canal in Japan.

Otaru Canal3.9

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In the port city of Otaru, 40km northwest of Sapporo, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along a beautiful canal. Extending 1,140m and 20-40m wide, Otaru Canal was constructed in 1923 as a major transport route connecting the port and warehouses with barges. The warehouse buildings were renovated into historical museums and shops.

The cobble stone walkway along the canal is dotted with monuments and sculptures that explain the historical development of the city. During the evening, the old Victorian-style gas lamps are romantically lit.

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4.03 years ago

You only need 5 mins there to take photos. Don't bother taking the cruise. Nothing much to see. Don't drive to the area parking super expensive. Cost about $5 per half an hour. Beware of traffic jams and limited parking spaces during peak hours in the noon.

5.02 years ago

Like it, great food

3.04 years ago

Not much to see, parking nearby are expensive.

5.03 years ago

nice view at night

5.08 years ago