Kinpusenji Temple

Sightseeing information about Kinpusenji Temple in Japan.

World Heritage: Kinpusenji Temple4.3

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Walking 5 minutes uphill from the cable-car station, you will find a stone staircase leading to the massive gate of this temple. More massive is the 34m-high main hall, said to be the second largest wooded architecture in Japan. Since the 8th century, this place has been one of the major centers of the Shugendo Buddhism and where a pilgrimage starts toward the sacred area around Mount Omine.

Mount Yoshino, the country's best cherry blossom viewing spot, is within walking distance. This area also offers great hiking trails in autumn.

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5.05 months ago

So much amazing hiking awaits you here! I did a “short” hike of 5 hours, as I only had a day-trip’s worth of time. People with an interest in Shugendo will not be disappointed as this is one of the hotspots for pilgrimages of practitioners. People who don’t know what that is, but love hiking, will enjoy this place thoroughly as well. The surrounding area offers really nice places to stay and eat as well.

5.06 months ago

Huge scale temple on the mountain. We can feel long history from its wooden colour.

4.011 months ago

An impressive wooden temple, the second largest wooden building in Japan. It was a nice stroll while walking around Yoshino for the Sakura season.

4.011 months ago

Very impressiv, nice Spots for Hanami all around the area

5.010 months ago

Beautiful Temple. Worth the trip

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