Maruyama Park

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Maruyama Park (Sapporo)3.3

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Maruyama Park, adjacent to a primeval forest, has long been a good cherry blossom viewing spot in Sapporo City. In 1875, the first 150 trees were planted alone the shrine walkway in commemoration of the early founders of Sapporo. In spring, many people flock this park to enjoy the long-awaited opportunities for outing and cherry-blossom viewing. The best time is from late April to mid-May.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.04 months ago

The place offers many things to explore and enjoy. The park is beautiful and become flowering in the first week of May due to Cherry Blossom. I recommend this place to visit in May. During the golden week the park is allowed for open fire and Barbeque. There is a Zoo nearby also. I am posting some pics taken in May during the cherry blossom.

5.02 months ago

I'm love this here. so You can relax in this places. It so cold. fresh air, peaceful, so cute.

5.0a month ago

Good for small hike in the city.... Awesome view of Sapporo from the top of mount Maruyama

4.03 weeks ago

A silent park with old high trees in the city. A wonderful place to enjoy the walking and thinking for life

3.08 months ago

Staff were friendly, helpful and welcoming ! The animals looked beautiful and healthy. But for an animal lover like me, it is a little saddening to see all the animals cooped up in a small enclosure. Perhaps it was due to it being Winter. Many of the animals were pacing around, alone in an enclosure and seemingly bored out of their minds. Despite all that, i would recommend visiting the zoo with your family. Great place for the family !