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Maruyama Park (Sapporo)3.3

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Maruyama Park, adjacent to a primeval forest, has long been a good cherry blossom viewing spot in Sapporo City. In 1875, the first 150 trees were planted alone the shrine walkway in commemoration of the early founders of Sapporo. In spring, many people flock this park to enjoy the long-awaited opportunities for outing and cherry-blossom viewing. The best time is from late April to mid-May.

Purposecherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
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5.0a month ago

Maruyama park is serene, peaceful, GREEN.. I could spend a few hours here and would not know. I have not been here in winters (I am sure it is snowed over and freezing then!), but now (Sep-end) it is green colorful, and charming. There is a beautiful Shinto Shrine here, and a shop where for 100 Yen you can know your future (what the stars foretell). Right next to it is Mt. Maruyama, a

5.0a month ago

Didn't get to see much because Autumn's got a pretty short daytime here, but the 1 hour there was good enough. The trees were old and big and very beautiful. We'll come again in the morning

4.04 weeks ago

With its virgin forest, which has been designated a special natural treasure,
Maruyama Park is one of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Sapporo.

Sapporo citizens come to Maruyama Park to relax. The park is particularly popular in May for cherry blossom viewing and June for the Hokkaido Shrine Festival. Originally created as a part of the Hokkaido Development Commission’s layout plan and testing ground for trees during the Meiji Period, it was developed into a park starting at the end of the Meiji Period. Its expansive grounds include the Maruyama Wild Forest, a designated natural treasure, as well as numerous sports facilities such as a public field, baseball stadium, and baseball diamond. Adjacent to Hokkaido Shrine and Maruyama Zoo, the park plays a central role in Sapporo’s recreational and athletic culture. Its past as a testing ground for trees is apparent in cedar forests and large katsura trees. Many squirrels, wild birds, and plants can also be seen in the park.

5.04 months ago

Shinto Shrine and tallest Pine trees.... great combination at any season to enjoy best photos. The tradition and culture speaks by itself when you walk trough the dark alleys of beautiful pine trees here... calm and peaceful.... be here and you will know how it feel

5.0in the last week

Beware of the crows as you bring or eat your food.. they literally stolen my takoyaki right from my mouth.. so fast that I didn't exactly know what just happened..