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Maruyama Zoo3.9

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Maruyama Zoo , about 3km west of the center of Sapporo, is part of Maruyama Park involving primeval forests. The zoo displays some 180 species and has indoor viewing facilities, making it "a comfortable spot both in summer and winter."

Active renovation is going on and new facilities specializing in Asia and reptiles and amphibians are recently added. The zoo has been quite successful in nurturing polar bears and other rare species, and you can see different new-born babies every year. The zoo offers a daily tour to show and experience animal feeding.

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3.0a month ago

You can buy biscuits for the bears from the vending machine. It only cost at 200 yen per beg. Love all the bears. They are big and adorable (a bit laid back). They know how to get people attention to give them the biscuits too. 😂 3 stars because not much to do here.

2.02 weeks ago

The enclosures really seemed too small, particularly for very intelligent animals like the primates that would naturally have huge ranges and here were restricted to tiny shed-size cages during zoo open hours. It would be good to have more info about conservation and human damage to these animals' habitats, but the info that was provided about the animals was interesting.

3.03 months ago

I have mixed feelings about this zoo. I can appreciate the role that zoos play in animal conservation but it can be a little heartbreaking to see animals in captivity, especially when they're in small enclosures. The polar bears were why we went, and being the star attraction, they had the best enclosures. The reptile house was great too but i was pretty sad for the African animals as the Hokkaido climate really is ill suited to them. Having said that, entry is cheap and it's still worth a visit. I do think they are trying and hopefully they can upgrade more enclosures to make the animals more comfortable.

5.02 months ago

Amazing place with lots of interesting animal displays. The layout seems really well thought-out and it was easy navigating the zoo. Ticketing staff were friendly and professional. They were able to explain prices clearly in English.

5.0a month ago

The zoo is HUGE!! So many cool animals. Worth a visit. You need time, we spent a few hours there. I definitely recommend it.

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