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Maruyama Zoo3.9

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Maruyama Zoo , about 3km west of the center of Sapporo, is part of Maruyama Park involving primeval forests. The zoo displays some 180 species and has indoor viewing facilities, making it "a comfortable spot both in summer and winter."

Active renovation is going on and new facilities specializing in Asia and reptiles and amphibians are recently added. The zoo has been quite successful in nurturing polar bears and other rare species, and you can see different new-born babies every year. The zoo offers a daily tour to show and experience animal feeding.

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5.0a month ago

Honestly loved this zoo, it was really fun.
The zoo is quite large. Though not the biggest I've been to, it still allows you to walk out satisfied.
Entrance fees were rather cheap, kids go in for free whilst adults pay around 600 yen each. I found it a bit low so I bought some food/souvenirs to help it out even a tiny bit.
Food was quite good, especially liked the doughnuts/churros!
As for the animals, we were specifically looking for the red pandas. They were really cute and quite active. There's an indoor area for the red pandas where they are literally walking over your heads.
Other animal exhibits that were interesting are the polar bears, monkeys, birds, otters, tigers, snow leopards etc.
The petting zoo (aka children's zoo) wasn't much as you could really only pet the sheep, but other animals you could look at are the guinea pigs, beavers, prairie dogs, raccoon dogs, hare, squirrels etc.
I overall really enjoyed it there, it was quite clean and though the habitats for the animals weren't the largest, they weren't the smallest either.

2.0a month ago

The zoo was extensive with plentiful opportunities to interact with animals through the exhibit and through a petting area. But it is hard to ignore the obvious conditioning the animals are subjected to and the quality of the cages. Entrance fee is cheap and can be easily walked to from Maruyama Park. It would be a good trip for parents with children. However, products in the souvenir shop were of questionable quality such as the overpriced phone case which was stuck together with double sided tape. Be cautious of what you purchase.

5.02 weeks ago

Good zoo.. lots of animals .. affordable ticket price.. children loves to go there again :)

4.0a month ago

Well made zoo, devided into sections by region of animal origin. Amazing polar bear exhibition. Unfortunately some exhibitions are currently closed, mainly in the Africa region.

4.0a month ago

A small zoo that is clean and quite well maintained except for the hippo enclosure which stinks. Many enclosures are vacant. Some of the animals looks pretty restless and malnutritioned such as the lion and tiger. There are a few polar bears scattered around a few enclosures and I can see that they are pretty bored. There is also an area where we can touch sheep and they are free to wander around. Paid parking is available for 700JPY per entry. There are no animal shows that I know of. It wasn't really crowded on a Sunday that I went. Considering the entrance fee is really affordable at 600JPY, it is a good place to spend 4 hours.

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