Shinjuku Isetan Department Store

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Shinjuku Isetan Department Store4.1

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This department store in Shinjuku is the headquarters of Isetan Group with a long history dating from 1933. This store's symbolic pattern is a plaid with red and yellow lines, a well-known to Japanese customers for ages. Those interested in fashion will find an intriguing way of presentation and item selection in many of the boutiques here. The annex was opened in 2003 to cater to gentlemen seeking good quality and variety of metropolitan fashion.

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3.0a week ago

Good food and nice lunch atmosphere, but the food feels a bit overpriced at $10-15 a dish.

3.04 years ago

This is a fairly standard cafe restaurant that has a European feeling about it. Menus are available in English and the staff member who served me was kind enough to do so in that language (although I don't know whether English language ability is widespread among the staff.)There is a decent selection of cocktails and wine available, and food ranging from entrees and snacks to pizza, pasta etc. Tables are also set outside, although there is no view to speak of. Service was fast and efficient and my god and drinks were served promptly. Both smoking and non smoking areas are available. I can recommend this as an OK, convenient place to grab a drink and a light meal in this area.

4.03 years ago

Got a chicken sandwich. Food tasted very good but didn't have much chicken.

3.03 years ago

Good espresso. No separation for smokers.

3.0a month ago

To put it bluntly, the price and quality are not at all balanced. It's beautiful to look at, but it costs 1500 yen, and there is no waffle that is squishy. In a word, it's omission, and there may be instructions to do so. However, other reviews say that the waffles are delicious, and while some may be satisfied with it, it's only embarrassing to show friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and even overseas to this place. is there. I'm sorry if the staff was hurt by such an evaluation because it was snappy and liked, but even if the place is silent, it is not a profitable business, but there is no alternative. It is clear that the managers have no aspirations and no vision, whether they are operating by inertia, and the staff has no blame.

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