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World Heritage: Itsukushima Shrine4.8

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This shrine, located on an island of the Seto Inland Sea, is worldly famous for its 'floating' view on the sea. The 10-minute ferry from Miyajima-guchi Station takes you to the island, and you will be greeted by numerous roaming deer. The long approach is studded with food stalls with inviting local treats such as fried fishcake (satsuma-age), roasted oyster and maple-shaped sweet bun (momiji-manju).

As you walk through a main hall and a noh theater stage, you will come to the spot where you can get a great view of 16m-high vermilion gate called "Ootoriyi" standing in the sea. You must, however, check out the tide of the day in advance. At high tide, it is time to appreciate the floating view of the shrine or enjoy a cruise going through the gate. At low tide, you can probably walk towards the gate and even touch it.

If you have enough time, stroll 10 minutes to the ropeway that will take you to the upper part of Mount Misen (535m) offering a sweeping view of the sea. Another highlight is a night cruise to see an enchanting illumination of the shrine.

There's construction going on "Ootoriyi" right now."Ootoriyi" has been covered by a black big net and cannot be seen.
It will be taked 2 or 3 years forward. So it is difficult to take photo with huge vermilion gate in this term.

Miyajima celebrates ”Kangen festival” ceremony to carry a float of God on boat to Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is considered one of three major sea festivals in Japan, along with Tenjin Festival in Osaka and Horan-enya Festival in Matsue. The festival lasts for 10 days before this ceremony, and ancient court music with the flute, drums and string instruments will be played on boats decked out in decoration. The festival involves many of nearby shrines on the coast, such as Nagahama Shrine, where the God-carrying boat is received by fire and lanterns. This event can be fully enjoyed from a cruise boat.

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Airport/Sta.Miyajimaguchi Sta. (about 2.3km) Google Transit


5.011 months ago

We visited while the Tori gate was under construction which meant that we couldn’t see it at all. The shrine is also very beautiful but it would be much cooler to see on a high tide. The island is very beautiful and great for souvenir shopping. The maple cakes are also very good! You should try them, they’re not too sweet. Custard and chocolate are my favourites. The island also gives you a bit of access to beach which is nice to see if you’ve been in the city your whole trip otherwise.

4.08 months ago

Located at the base of Miyajima near the ferry port (10 min walk). Cool thing is that we went during low tide and was able to walk across the basin. Shrine is clean and easily accessible for anyone. You'll find wild deer and fawns all around the entrance. I recommend visiting this place for anyone coming to the island.

5.0a year ago

Good day trip recommended from Hiroshima. Travelled by train to Miyajima and jumped on a ferry to the island of Itsukushima. All fares were covered by our JR West Kansai Hiroshima Pass. Lots of places to explore on the island including this popular shrine, plenty of shops and food places to discover. We made it a point to try the oysters as it’s popular in the area. The friendly deers roaming around freely were quite adorable. Unfortunately, the torii gate was being renovated during our visit (November 2019). Make sure to allow several hours to spend on the island. And since we travelled pre-Covid19, we spent a bit of time lining up to board the ferry back to the mainland because of the huge number of visitors. Lines moved quickly though.

5.010 months ago

One of the most iconic place in the Japan. This Torii gate is standing over the sea of the most famous photographed example of the Japan. Usually the Shrine is open from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm and the time depend on the season. Most famous tourist destination and a world heritage.

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful Shrine with several areas including the Main Shrine, a five-storied Pagoda and Ōtorii gate. Unfortunately the famous Torii gate in the water is under construction but I still enjoyed my visit. Make sure you try the delicious oysters in the nearby markets and pet the friendly deer.

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Miyajima is one of the World Heritage Sites in Japan and the popular tourists destination. Located off the coast of Hiroshima, the serene beauty of the island is an essential spot. You will walk around the island including Great Red T...

Miyajima is one of the World Heritage Sites in Japan and the popular tourists destination. Located off the coast of Hiroshima, the serene beauty of the island is an essential spot.

You will walk around the island including Great Red Torii Gate, Itsukushima Shrine, Daishoin Temple, and so on.
You enjoy the trip all year round.
Spring --You can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.
Summer --Fireworks displays and summer festivals are held. Canoe and cycling on the island are enjoyable.
Fall -- The island are covered with vivid autumnal leaves. Especially Momijidani Park is splendid.
Winter--Oysters are in season!!

World Heritage: Itsukushima Shrine

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