Chiba City Folk Museum

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Chiba City Folk Museum (Chiba-shiritsu Kyodo Hakubutsu-kan)2.0

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A historical museum with the appearance of a traditional Japanese castle located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. The four-story, five-floor castle tower was built in 1966 on the site of Inohana-jo Castle (aka Chiba-jo Castle) which the first lord of the domain, Tsuneshige Chiba, had built in 1126. Historical materials, cultural assets of the city, folk materials, etc. are collected and exhibited inside the building. You can also try to wear a Japanese armor or kimono, play with traditional toys, and take a guided walking tour of historical places. Admission: Free (Japanese)

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5.04 months ago

Nice place

5.0a week ago

Though the castle wasn't made back, however there are traditional looks. You will come to know very old history. And the entry is FREE!

4.0a year ago

The castle doesn't look quite authentic. More like a modern construction. Anyways, it just doesn't feel like it was hundreds of years old.
Nevertheless it had a nice view from the observatory. And most of all, you can enter for FREE!!

5.011 months ago

A short walk from my capsule hotel. The entrance fee is free. The Museum is shaped like the old Chiba Castle. But is infact a modern reconstruction. It showcases the development of Chiba from the feudal ages up to modern development. I recomend to go up all the way to the top floor so you can have a 360° view of Chiba city. When I was there in 2016 we had a freak snow fall. So I had the pleasure of seeing the Castle in an autumn setting and covered in snow. A beautiful castle in both settings.

4.02 months ago

Nice spot.

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