Showa no Mori Park / Chiba City

Sightseeing information about Showa no Mori Park / Chiba City in Japan.

Showa no Mori Park / Chiba City (Chiba-shi Showa no Mori)2.0

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Showa no Mori (Showa Forest) is a comprehensive park in Chiba City, which boasts a vast site of 105.8 hectares (261 acres), 2.3 km (1.4 mile) north-south, 0.8 km (0.5 mile) east-west, and is the largest park in the city as well as one of the largest in the prefecture. The extensive park is divided into five areas: the Recreation Zone, the Observation Zone, the Central Forest Zone, the Accommodations and Outdoor Activity Zone and the Sports Zone. As a part of the park is designated as the Kujukuri Prefectural Natural Park and natural environment is reserved, you can observe a variety of trees, flowers, birds and insects throughout the year. (Japanese)
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4.04 months ago

Nice, very big. Great place to take kids. Bit overgrown

5.0a year ago

Cycling park, climbing area for kids, giant slide (also for kids😋), and plenty of great scenery to enjoy

4.09 months ago

Good place for kids and camping

5.0a year ago

Super large park in Chiba

5.03 years ago

It's somewhere you really should go once in a life time. This place is a forest after all so you should wear a suitable outfit. In Summer, the temperature will raise really high so you should be careful with the situation. ワンちゃんOK

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