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Lake Ashinoko, the crater lake formed by the eruption some 3,000 years ago, is the primary attraction of the Hakone region. The fine views of the lake, in combination with the distant Mount Fuji, can be enjoyed from cruise boats, camping grounds, and motorways. There are also cafes, restaurants and hiking trails that provide a great vista.

Take the pirate ship cruise that links the two ends of the narrow lake for 30 minutes. One end, Togendai, has a 4km-long ropeway that connects with Hakone Tozan Line, Japan's first mountain railway. You can rent a swan boat to paddle around in, or sit at the jetty to fish rainbow trouts. Visibility tends to be better during the colder seasons than in summer.

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5.03 months ago

A beautiful get away from the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Would visit again as its a serene location tucked away in the surrounding mountains and forests. Definitely take a ferry or one those pirate ships as its worth the ticket. There is a ropeway and I think 2 cable cars that can take up some of these mountains for a better view and one does give a an excellent view of Mount Fuji if conditions are right or as the locals say when the mountain isn't "shy". Would imagine the place is on another level during the fall when the leaves change color judging from the trees. A definite stop for anyone visiting Japan.

4.0a week ago

A worthwhile cruise to have as one will enjoy the most amazing scenery.

5.02 months ago

Nice Lake Cruise. Beautiful natural fauna and flora around Ashinoko Lake, and the breezing air at the ship deck during the ride. Took the ride from Togendai port to Moto-hakone port.

5.03 months ago

Breath taking views from all angles of the lake!

5.06 months ago

An amazing lake with Mt Fuji in the distance. Very picturesque.

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The contrast of Lake Ashi and Mt.Fuji is definitely worth seeing.

The contrast of Lake Ashi and Mt.Fuji is definitely worth seeing.

VisitedJun 2018

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