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Shinagawa Aquarium4.1

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This aquarium in the south of Tokyo shows around 10,000 underwater creatures of 450 different species under the concept of "encountering oceans and rivers". The giant 500-ton tank has a large variety of fish, including those found in Tokyo Bay. A 20m-long tunnel tank provides 180-degree views of rays and giant eels, with a sunken ship and treasure boxes are mysteriously arranged using optical fibers.

The crowd pleaser is impressive dolphin and sea lion shows, where visitors are seated closely to the pool. Among new features include an expanded shark-only tank, an underwater tunnel to view seals, and the Jellyfish zone with more than 200 jellyfish. The aquarium is located at the southern end of Shinagawa Park and a 10-min walk from Omori-kaigan Station.

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5.02 weeks ago

Going to shinagawa Aquarium to watch dolphins show? Wait.....

Don't buy tickets of 1350 yen before the confirmation.

Please ask first whether there is dolphin show at that particular day. Some times dolphins show may get cancelled.

Else waise if you want to see some fish want to spend some time this is a good place to Hangout. Not that much crowded in weekend also.

The tunnel aquarium is very beautiful...

Overall very much recommend place....

2.0a week ago

The facility is greatly in need of updates. My heart also broke a little when visiting here and seeing the state of the dolphins and their "tank." They appeared distressed, frustrated, and unhappy. Many of the dolphins had several marks on their bodies as if from self-injury or otherwise pure lack of room to swim. Truly heartbreaking.

5.02 months ago

A fantastic place to visit in main Tokyo... well maintained... good shows.. parking available.. wheel chair facility was good .. tickets are reasonable then other Aquariums in Tokyo... mostly crowded in weekends & holidays but still lot to enjoy... little far from Shinagawa station bit buses available from station to aquarium... In heart of the city a place for everyone.. Kids enjoyed much more then expected..

5.03 weeks ago

The shinagawa aquarium is a small yet wonderful aquarium which holds exotic lifeforms. I've been there for 2hrs, and I've seen quite a few special fishes. For example, the archer fish,which shoot water to insects above,bring them to

4.03 weeks ago

Lovely local aquarium with many local fish and sea creatures.
Also has many fun activities for kids such as touching fish and extracting pearls from akoya oysters (500yen/oyster iirc)

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