Haneda Airport

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Haneda Airport (Haneda Kuko)3.4

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The domestic and international airport located in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Along with Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture, Haneda serves as one of two international airports in the Greater Tokyo Area. The international terminal, opened in 2010, features a shopping and restaurant area which reproduces the streets of the Edo Period in the older days. The observation deck provides views of arrival and departure of airplanes along with the night view, and visitors who don't travel can also enjoy them.

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5.02 weeks ago

Well , Japan is always a great country , hospitality, smile , positive airport employees, everything was great and nice full love to Japan and Japanese, well done , back soon next year. My favorite airport in the world. Clean, easy to transit, chargers are available at many places and drink is not so expensive like other airports.There are two stations and bus terminals. You can follow google maps' guide for your destination. They are easy to find.
Everyone was very nice, and food was delicious. I was very comfortable when I landed there, even though I had just been on a 12 hour flight. Absolutely lovely!

4.0a month ago

Clean, well organized, and welcoming airport. It is well signed, in multiple languages, with lots of resources and food.

We stayed at the hotel in the airport the first night, which was perfect for our arrival. Immigration/customs was incredibly fast and welcoming.

As an English speaker, I was worried about how easy it would be to navigate - but I was surprised as to how welcoming the airport (and people, and entire country) was.

5.03 weeks ago

I will always, ALWAYS CHOOSE THIS AIRPORT when traveling to Japan. It's definitely a world airport with great food, sometimes really cool presentations like statues or installations promoting Japanese culture. This ace is truly the best. I also love their souvenir shop on the 5th floor be wise it's truly one of a kind. Plus, the service is incredibly friendly and things are made easy by the staff that is present. It just makes for a pleasant experience and that is why I'll always fly through there.

5.05 months ago

Nice experience in general! The check-in wasn't very complicated and we went through security in under 2 minutes and was very clean and modern. Not bad, not bad. I personally think it can use a bit more shops but of course, there is only so much space in the airport. Liked it!

5.04 weeks ago

A very clean and well organized airport. The staff has always been very friendly each time I flew through/from here. The covid testing procedure this time was very organized and efficient. Stations were clearly marked and staff members guided the passengers through each step. All seating area is marked off to allow for social distancing.

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