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World Heritage: Shuri Castle Remains4.6

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Shuri is the name of the capital city in the Ryukyu Kingdom that flourished for many centuries until Okinamawa became part of Japan in the 19th century. The castle was originally erected in the 14the century, and the castle's current buildings date back to 1992. The main building, Seiden, with vermilion color, was the political center where administrative works and ceremonies were held by the king and aristocrats.

The architecture, including the palace, gates and garden with a pond, was strongly influenced by Chinese castle designs. The castle's hilltop location offers a good view over Naha City. The remains and some gates of the former castle here were selected a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000.

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5.03 weeks ago

It took us 3-4 hours that day in this very beautiful rebuilt of the once-destroyed castle. Paying the entrance definitely worth it, especially if you have a valid one or two day Monorail pass because you'll get discount on the castle entrance fee.
Make sure you have sunscreen or hat or umbrella as you need that to walk in the unpaid area. A very beautiful and educational site.

5.02 months ago

WOW! What an amazing castle. You pay around 320 yen to park in the large garage, and make sure to get a stamp pamphlet for the kids. They can stamp their pamphlet at each station throughout the grounds. The outside of the grounds are free, but you pay a small fee to go inside, which is amazing! It's a lot of walking, so make sure that won't be a problem. You end at a gift shop, where I purchased my first sweat towel. I'd recommend NOT going in the summer, but if you do, take lots of water!

5.0a week ago

This a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you happen to be stationed in Okinawa, don't be a lemon and stay in the barracks being lonely,, sour and bored to death. The world is HUGE and there are thousands of places and languages out there. This is your chance to get OUT and explore Okinawa. The Shuri Castle is only one of them. Tons of history to learn and things to see. One thing that you could do there is read a couple of books of the sad times when the US invaded Okinawa in 1945 forcing thousands to flee and another thousands to die. Many committed suicide. Remember, every story has to sides. The Shuri might open your eyes but proper books open your mind.

5.0a month ago

This is a 14th century palace featuring Okinawa's dynasty days. Here, you'll get to see how royalty was during the said time period. The place has viewing decks that give you a breath-taking view of the city landscape. The whole area is lush green. Work on souvenirs by completing the stamp map that you get at the information center of this UNESCO World Heritage place. Truly, no visit to Okinawa will be complete if you don't drop by Shurijo Castle. It is highly recommended!

5.02 weeks ago

Great view point. Good place for those who loves history. Just a few stops by monorail from downtown. Definitely worth time and money to go there.

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