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World Heritage: Shuri Castle Remains4.6

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Shuri is the name of the capital city in the Ryukyu Kingdom that flourished for many centuries until Okinamawa became part of Japan in the 19th century. The castle was originally erected in the 14the century, and the castle's current buildings date back to 1992. The main building, Seiden, with vermilion color, was the political center where administrative works and ceremonies were held by the king and aristocrats.

The architecture, including the palace, gates and garden with a pond, was strongly influenced by Chinese castle designs. The castle's hilltop location offers a good view over Naha City. The remains and some gates of the former castle here were selected a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000.

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4.04 months ago

The restaurant here was delicious! Parking is easy to find but you have to pay for it. The best time to go is right before sunset. Give yourself enough time to walk around a bit before the sun starts to set and then go look at the temples and get sunset pictures it was so beautiful! It's kind of like one big maze of history and experience. You get to walk through all the buildings that they replicated to look like the original castles. It's so interesting to see. You will need to take your shoes off at some point to walk through part of the sacred building but they give you a bag to carry them in. Bring socks if you don't like walking barefoot on public floors! It's a little tiring sometimes going up all the steps so be prepared to earn the sight you're going to see! They have little gift shops with a couple items but not a very big store. You probably won't stay there longer than a couple hours and most of it is free to see except the entrance to the big beautiful one. It's worth the small fee to get your tickets to go inside but they take card!

4.02 weeks ago

Beautiful historical castle to visit and to have a nice view of the city. We are lucky to see the castle before it got burnt down. 😞 Note that this place is quite stroller friendly. But not convenient if u want to climb the stairs to see more of the castle. Pls try the ice cream at the bottom of the castle before u walk up! Very nice sweet potato flavor!

4.06 months ago

Castle opens till 8.30pm. Best to come around 5-5.30pm, with sunset photos view. There’s a big basement car park next to castle (Y320 for 2 hrs). Adult entrance fees Y820. Best to get it at rental car office (Y740), validity 30 days. Good to capture the castle n scenery with the setting sun. 5pm is Not too hot during the Aug heatwave. A nice and short walk through the castle but need to talk off your shoe. They give you a plastic bag to hold your shoe. Then you can climb a bit higher to capture views of Okinawa from the hill top. At the end of the route downhill, there’s a souvenir shop. A good 1 hr spent here taking beautiful photos.

4.0a week ago

Nice place to take pictures. Rich in history. Hopefully they will rebuild it again after the fire incident

4.02 weeks ago

nice cool walk to view the different castles ... however due to the fire in October 2019 we didn’t manage to enter the paid area

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