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World Heritage: Shuri Castle Remains4.6

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Shuri is the name of the capital city in the Ryukyu Kingdom that flourished for many centuries until Okinamawa became part of Japan in the 19th century. The castle was originally erected in the 14the century, and the castle's current buildings date back to 1992. The main building, Seiden, with vermilion color, was the political center where administrative works and ceremonies were held by the king and aristocrats.

The architecture, including the palace, gates and garden with a pond, was strongly influenced by Chinese castle designs. The castle's hilltop location offers a good view over Naha City. The remains and some gates of the former castle here were selected a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000.

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4.0in the last week

Beautiful building and grounds showcasing lots of local history. There is a lot to see and do and you really get an appreciation for the architectural style. Can get pretty busy during the day but still lots of fun!

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful and full of history. The garden is really nice. There can be crowded at some points. (If you are going to come here on foot. Make sure to wear a good pair of shoes.) The ticket counters are located right before the entrance of the castle.

3.0a week ago

It was nice to see the reconstructed castle to really get a feel for how this was a fortress first and palace second. You could see how the community and barracks needed to support the castle could have been built into the various enclosures, and the spring-fed pool was pretty, though much smaller than it looks on the tourism site. But if you are short on time and can only do one or the other, go to the Nakagusuku Castle ruins instead. It won't be easy to get to without a car, but it's worth finding a way.

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful park and Castle, attended the new year celebration show which was very moving, culturally interesting and gorgeous. Free drinks were provided which is always a plus. I very much enjoyed the experience at this park and Castle and suggest anyone visiting Okinawa to come and take a look for themselves.

4.0a month ago

What a wonderful place to learn in a relaxing manner about history of totally different Japan which you might think of.Its beautiful architecture is unique mixture greatly influenced by Chinese and other neighbouring countries. Okinawa's culture is rich and distinctive from the main land Japan we know. People neither look nor speak like typical Japanese. It's a must place to see even if you have only one one hour as we had in order to get a glimpse of why Okinawa is THE WAY IT IS ...the entry ticket is a bit overpriced, perhaps it's only my opinion

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