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Steam rises from every ground vent in this onsen town, where more than 100 hot spring sources gush out waters totaling 100 million liters every day. This amount is equivalent to one tenth of all the hot spring sources in Japan, undoubtedly among the largest in the world. You can enjoy many different qualities of waters to heal your tired body from the trip.

Another attraction in this town is jigoku ('hells'), where waters or steams around 100 degrees Celsius gush forth from under 200m below the ground. A tour to circuit eight major 'hell' spots - called the sea, mud bubble, mountain, cooking pot, monster, white pond, blood pond, and spout, respectively - is very famous. One of delicacies here is 'onsen tamago' - a half-boiled egg cooked in the spring water - which tastes differently at different hells.

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Welcome to Beppu. I 'm a hell tour guide. I'll show you around the Hell!!

Welcome to Beppu. I 'm a hell tour guide. I'll show you around the Hell!!

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