Ibusuki Onsen

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Ibusuki Onsen4.5

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This hot spring resort in southeastern Satsuma Peninsula offers unique experience of sand baths not found elsewhere. On the sand beach heated by hot spring, you are buried face-up covered by hot sand (around 50 degrees Celsius) for 10 to 20 minutes, and wash off and enter the regular hot spring baths. This is good for blood circulation and believed to have detoxification effect.

There are many other hot springs in this town as the town's original name was Yubusuki, which means 'a resort rich in hot springs'. Tourist attractions includes Cape Nagasakibana at the southern end that offer great views of the sea, and the Satsuma Denshokan Museum displaying artworks in its majestic Japanese-style buildings.

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4.0a month ago

I went there during the low season. The sand bath was under a covered tent and not exactly at the beach. So the experience was only average. But it's still a first for me to be hurried in hot sand . The hotel self looks old but it's the only thing there is in the area that huge. There are several newer but smaller hotels nearer the beach front next to the hotel. But I am not too sure if they offer sand bath as there's really not much sand around the seafront. Views from this hotel are nice though because it has its own little golf course and gardens. Would definitely have been better if it was during a warmer season and have the sand bath at the beach front.

5.07 months ago

Sandbath is one of the best experiences in my life! You’ll feel the difference before and after doing it. The place is quite small but just amazing.

5.08 months ago

Nice way to get heat into your body and a unique experience. At 1080 yen it isn't overpriced either. Worth it for just the experience factor alone.

2.07 months ago

1080 yen gets you entry to the hot sand bath, outdoor bath(rectangle pool of water) and sky bath(indoor hot pool of water). Ever gotten burried in sand at the beach? Imagine that, just warmer. There's nothing to do around the resort except a rundown shopping alley and arcade called JungleJungle. Don't expect new games and only the boweling alley was actively being used.

5.08 months ago

Black hot volcanic sand bath.. you must try it...

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