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The Nakagusuku Castle ruins are located about 160 meters above sea level and can be found in the villages of Nakagusuku and Kita-Nakagusuku on a lush plateau of limestone that forms a straight line from northeast to southwest.
The southeast side faces a 15 meter high jagged cliff, while the northwest faces a steep slope. The only access to the castle is the main gate and the rear gate, which are located on the North and South parts of the castle on the ridge of the hill. This makes Nakagusuku Castle easy to defend and very difficult to attack.
Nakagusuku Castle is divided into 6 enclosures. Its barricades are made from Ryukyu limestone and its beautiful curving lines are in perfect harmony with the natural rocks and landscapes.
It is said that there were more than 300 Gusukus in the Ryukyu Kingdom. Nakagusuku Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Okinawa. The reason for this is it suffered very little damage during past wars. Because of this fact, Nakagusuku Castle presents great historical and strategic value.
In 1853, the Perry expedition that came to Japan to pressure the country to open its borders made a stop at the Ryukyu Islands. Perry conducted an inland survey that included Nakagusuku Castle. From this expedition there are remains of some sketches of the castle and measurement plans.
Perry wrote the following in his narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan: “The material used to build the fortress is limestone and the masonry is an admirable construction. The stones are processed in a very interesting way and are carefully shaped and jointed, even though cement or mortar is not used. I think this work will last for a long time.”
In 2000, Nakagusuku Castle was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the title “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Ryukyu Kingdom”.
In 2006, Nakagusuku Castle was chosen as one of the 100 famous Japanese Castles by the Japan Castle Foundation.

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