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Port of Chiba Tour Cruise (Chiba-ko Meguri Kanko-sen)2.0

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The only sightseeing cruise available in the Chiba Port where you can enjoy viewing the scenery of Chiba from the sea. It takes about 40 minutes to get around the Chiba Chuo Wharf, watching the Chiba Port Tower along with industrial facilities including the container terminals, the food industrial complex, and the aviation fuel terminal which supply jet fuel to the Narita International Airport. There is also a cruise off the coast of Makuhari Messe on weekends and holidays, and a night cruise plan during summer. Boarding tickets are available at the K's Harbor (ticket counter on the 1F) from 30 min to 5 min before the departure.
http://www.chiba-port.com/chiba_port1.html (Japanese)

Purposeexperience,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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4.03 months ago

Best place to have short ship travel and also seeing lot of birds by short distence feels good

3.02 months ago

I got on the departure at 11:30
Tickets purchased 30 minutes in advance
You can board 15 minutes in advance
Because the sea was windy and cold
I needed a jacket
The word of mouth said that the birds should be boiled.
It seems that Kappa Ebisen was better
It is sold for about 100 yen at the boarding entrance
Is it because it was cold?
A few birds
I was just chasing the ship a little
The wind was very strong and it was very cold in front of the 2nd floor
The back of the second floor is not as windy and cold as before
either way
I can't hear the onboard broadcast
Because the chair is a bench
It was hard and cold

Once inside, you can listen to the broadcast firmly and the sheet is soft

There is a little shaking,
I wasn't drunk

5.07 months ago

The world was in a very cramped state in Corona, so I took a walk for a change and boarded a sightseeing boat around Chiba Port.
I happened to be in a group of elementary school students
Since it was stated that all time zones were shared with the group on that day, it may be better to check the operation status and whether or not the group is shared by telephone etc.
There are outside seats and inside seats, but the outside seats are recommended
Once it starts moving, it will not stop or become dense until it returns to the port, and you can also give the Kappa Ebisen sold on board to the birds, which doubles the fun.
There are fashionable cafes and small restaurants at the departure port, so it's good to kill time until departure, or just because you're hungry when you come back.
Also, it seems that it will be cheaper to show a disability certificate etc., so I think it is better to check that as well by phone.

5.010 months ago

A cruise where you can enjoy the night view of the factory from the sea side. It may be irresistible if you like the night view of the plant.

5.08 months ago

It feels good on a sunny day!

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