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From the Castle more ceramics, including China and Southeast Asia, and indicative of its former prosperity.
Development of the remains of the castle walls, now is continuing, now Nakijin castle ruins in the 5/15/1972 national historic site now as Nakijin castle ruins provided as. On both sides of the stairs heading to the Centre of the Castle gate (one was built after World War II) of cherry trees and flowers to start end of January - February every year.
Mt. Yae in Motobu town and is known for its cherry blossoms.
志慶真 b barrel monument and yamakita is now attributed Nakijin castle guards history monument such as the monument in Castle.
Registered in the UNESCO World Heritage (cultural heritage) as the Ryukyu Kingdom gusuku sites and related SHURI Castle, along with 11/2000 (registered name now Nakijin castle ruins). 2/22/2010 adds historical regions of the country, the historical name is now Nakijin castle ruins rectanglar INA was renewed to the ruins of a castle.

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4.06 months ago

It was under construction and rather limited. But you can deviate from the main alley and find a large open garden with huge weird stones worth seeing.

5.07 months ago

Beautiful place with so many sakura, lots of parking and little shops with a lovely castle walk

5.07 months ago

Beautiful with the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Very kind, very clean, a few hundred yen person. Easy to see in an hour or so unless you want to do the museum as well, that's another half hour or so... Peaceful, fun, enjoyable for all ages. They'll seem shakwasha juice and dust cane juice for 1000 yen reach and ice cream scoops that are wonderful in the best results come I've ever had! The trip!

5.04 months ago

Really great experience. It's a must do for a Okinawa bucket list. 400 yen per adult and it's money well spent. Make sure you have a couple hours to really experience the ruins.

5.08 months ago

I can never resist a castle ruins anyway, and a friend said to be sure to hit all of the world heritage sites in Okinawa. Definitely swing by here if you're in the area. The castle walls are extensive. The museum across the road is also pretty good so be sure to stop there too, as well as the gift shops. I can definitely see how this would be a beautiful spot to visit during cherry blossom season. I was there in December.

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