Ikegami Plum Garden

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Ikegami Plum Garden (Ikegami Baien)3.8

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Ikegami Baien Plum Garden is a quiet park located next to Ikegami Honmonji, a 20-minute walk from Ikegami Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line in Ota Ward, Tokyo. There are about 30 species / 370 plants of plum trees (150 white plum trees and 220 red) among the park along with two Japanese tearooms. About 800 trees of azaleas are also planted in the park with cherry blossom trees, peonies, hydrangeas, irises, camellias, chestnuts trees and persimmon trees, and you can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year.
https://www.city.ota.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/park/ikegamibaien.html (Japanese)
http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~uu2n-mnt/kyuseki/baien.html (Japanese)

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5.010 months ago

Very cheap entrance (100yen), and what a magnificent place! It is truly magical to see all different flowers blooming at the same time, and then see them getting lit up during the night. Highly recommended.

5.010 months ago

Plum blossoms galore! There are places to sit. Japanese traditional houses. Most of the visitors were seniors. Easy access with bus from Gotanda Sta. or Kawasaki Sta. 反01

5.010 months ago

A short walk from Ikegami Hon Monji stands this wonderful little plum garden. It costs ¥100 to enter, and is definitely worth the trip in the wintertime to see the wonderful white, pink, and purple plum blossoms across the hillside. On the weekends there may also be a hot sake seller there - a good way to warm up and enjoy natural beauty!

4.0a year ago

Really nice small garden. Probably beautiful in spring.

5.010 months ago

A very pretty plum garden in Ota Ward, right next to Ikegami Honmonji, one of my favourite temples.
I think I arrived a little too late for full bloom but it was beautiful nonetheless and the flowers smelt very sweet.

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