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Sotobori Park (Sotobori Koen)2.8

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Sotobori Koen (literally means the Outer Moat Park) is a 2 kilometer long promenade between JR Iidabashi, Ichigaya and Yotsuya stations along the canal which once was the outer moat of the Edo Castle. Being lined with about 225 cherry blossom trees, the promenade, a course of about 1 hour walk, is the great spot for viewing cherry blossoms in spring (late March to early April). One of the highlight is yama-zakura wild cherry blossoms in front of Hosei University which is situated halfway between Iidabashi and Ichigaya. The view can be enjoyed from the car windows of the JR Sobu Line and Chuo Line as well.

Purposereasonable,cherry blossom viewing,History
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3.0a year ago

Nice place for a small stroll along the river between building (well, you have to like this hyper modernized scenery 😊)

3.012 months ago

Nice view

4.03 years ago

Peaceful park overlooking the castle putter moat. Public toilets. Can be noisy as next to Sobu train line, however it is a lovely place to escape from work

3.03 years ago

Full of bugs! It's pretty but we had to leave before we got eaten. Go down and take a boat ride instead.

2.02 years ago

Very few park benches or places to sit. Busy train lines make for much noise, no Zen moments here. There is a bit of a play park for kids, a tennis court and ball diamond. Not worth a repeat visit if you have seen it once.

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