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World Heritage: Sefa Utaki4.3

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Sefa Utaki, located in Chinen Peninsula, is one of the most sacred places worshiped by people in Okinawa and its nearby islands. Utaki means a holy place in the local language and prayer ceremonies are usually performed only by females. This Utaki was established in the 15-16 centuries and the royal ladies were selected to perform ceremonies.

The site is on the forested hillside and is reached through a cobbled pathway and huge rock formations. Major highlights on the approach include a triangle-shaped tunnel that was naturally created by two giant slabs of stone. Visitors are recommended to wear non-slippery shoes as the path has steep stairs and slippery cobbles.

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5.0a week ago

Fascinating and mystical place. Totally absorbed by the history and culture.

5.02 months ago

What a wonderful place to visit. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for a lot of walking. The path is not stroller friendly.

4.05 months ago

It's quite a way away from the city, but I think it was worth it. You will find yourself in a serene environment, devoid of modern culture. At ¥300 it's not expensive, and the area is well kempt for that.

You need no more than about half an hour to enjoy this place, as it is quite small.

Be sure to buy a ticket at the ticket counter, which is glued to the large parking lot. I'm not sure it's possible to buy one after walking up to the entrance.

3.04 months ago

It's a very sacred place but very limited things to see. Do wear comfortable footwear as there is some rocky steps walking to be done.

5.03 months ago

Well worth the trip but be prepared to park down the street and walk in. There is also an opportunity to view an introductory video which is informative.

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