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World Heritage: Sefa Utaki4.3

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Sefa Utaki, located in Chinen Peninsula, is one of the most sacred places worshiped by people in Okinawa and its nearby islands. Utaki means a holy place in the local language and prayer ceremonies are usually performed only by females. This Utaki was established in the 15-16 centuries and the royal ladies were selected to perform ceremonies.

The site is on the forested hillside and is reached through a cobbled pathway and huge rock formations. Major highlights on the approach include a triangle-shaped tunnel that was naturally created by two giant slabs of stone. Visitors are recommended to wear non-slippery shoes as the path has steep stairs and slippery cobbles.

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5.06 months ago

We drove down to check out this Japan World Heritage site this past weekend. I checked prior to arrival that you had to purchase tickets. I read ¥200 for adults and ¥100 for kids. When I purchased tickets via the vending machine the price had gone up ¥100 for both adults and kids. No biggie on my end, but I want others to be prepared. You walk across the street from the welcome center and about a quarter mile before you arrive at the site. When you start your walk you will hand over your ticket and receive a brochure in your language. You can walk at your own pace and take as many pictures as you want throughout the park. We spent around an hour walking/viewing/taking pictures with our boys. Be sure and read each marker for details at each spot (there's English which is rare for most Japan sites). I enjoyed this historical site and recommend it for all interested in history. It might be difficult (mainly distance and rough terrain) for young children.

4.07 months ago

It is a very quiet and sacred place. The parking is across from the street near the souvenir shops, and it is 10-minute walk to the site.There will be some stairs and slippery slopes, so if you have difficulty in walking, this may not be a good place for you.

Once you enter, they will ask you to watch the short 3-minute video to understand the purpose of this place. It is a very special place for the locals, and you might see people praying at various locations. The walkway or trail is surrounded by lush green. It is a different experience to learn some history and culture.

5.06 months ago

This is a part of the unesco world heritage site and has been named a sacred site since the earliest period of Ryukyuan history. Loved this! So peaceful and unique. Definitely worth a visit! We took family here and they really liked it. You do have to walk a ways and it’s a couple bucks to get in.

5.08 months ago

This is, a REAL sacred place in Okinawa.

View's great but we should NOT go like taking a photo of the sisters praying there. It is serious and we should be gentleman/lady there.

It's important to switch our mind to fit the place to go, either to enjoy our trip_

5.04 months ago

A must visit for anybody interested in Okinawa folklore. Calming natural scenery and awe-inspiring rock formations.

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