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Spa Resort Hawaiians4.4

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Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki City is a huge water-park entertainment complex styled in a Hawaiian theme. The main highlights include the long sliders in the water park, the world-largest mixed outdoor bath, and the Hawaiian dance performances by the Hula Girl dance team. There are various facilities for families and couples to spend time together.

The complex uses hot spring waters, not only for its baths but also for its swimming pools. There are many option tours available to explore the surrounding nature such as a golf tour and a sightseeing day trip. There are many accommodations to relax in an overnight stay.

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5.03 weeks ago

It was great.
Service is awesome.
Hot water spring is available in resort.
Great food.
Everything is more then desire.

4.02 months ago

The place was nice. Room was rather expensive since the rate is per head and with respect to the amenities inside the room. The room has 1 CR but has no bathroom, theres a public bath on the 7th floor. But overall the room is its still nice. The swimming pool was ok too. With pools for the kids but the pool slides are not free.

2.02 months ago

It would be great with children, less so if you’re not too keen of being surrounded by them.
The facility is nice, pools are interesting, the onsen is ok, all in all it would be a pleasant experience if i wasn’t for all the turndowns...

-the place feels old and dirty, countless places are in dire need of a lick of paint, lockers half rusted, mould and algae visible on some walls and panels...

-you feel like a walking wallet, everything is extra, slides, lockers, tubes,... and wherever you go you have to go through a maze of souvenir shops. They even go so far as placing a teddy bear in the hotel room with a price tag on it right in reach of children...

-I was staying at the hotel “all inclusive”, the buffet was mediocre, and all alcoholic drinks were to be purchased separately, at a premium...

-the resort is poorly designed, if you get a locker near the entrance you will spend your day walking back and forth to it since some part of the resort have different policies on the accessories you must or can’t bring with you. And getting to the entrance will most of the time mean a 10min walk with lots of stairs...

4.0in the last week

I wish they'd make it tatoo friendly..Hawaiian theme and still no tattoo policy? So sad..polyenesians all has tattoos!!

4.05 months ago

It is a nice resort, with a fascinating story of how it came into being. The staff is very pleasant, but they lack even rudimentary English skills. So a bit hard for those who don't speak Japanese. However we received plenty of help from Japanese guests who speak English.

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