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Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki City is a huge water-park entertainment complex styled in a Hawaiian theme. The main highlights include the long sliders in the water park, the world-largest mixed outdoor bath, and the Hawaiian dance performances by the Hula Girl dance team. There are various facilities for families and couples to spend time together.

The complex uses hot spring waters, not only for its baths but also for its swimming pools. There are many option tours available to explore the surrounding nature such as a golf tour and a sightseeing day trip. There are many accommodations to relax in an overnight stay.

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4.02 weeks ago

Pool: pools were clean and we had a lot of fun on the slides. You can watch few shows during the day, we attended an Hawaian dance which was very well performed. We were lucky because we went there on a Friday and there were no many people. Also the big pool was under maintenance so we could use the sliders without extra charge. On Saturday it was too crowded like any other place during weekends in Japan. I suggest you to go on weekdays if possible. Other than pools the "onsen" was very good with mineral water.

Hotel: Stayed there one night with the family. Room was big and comfortable. Dinner and breakfast very good with western food as well.

3.0a month ago

So I've been to a few waterparks in my life, indoor and outdoor. This ranks at the bottom of indoor waterparks for me. Massanutten and Great Wolf Lodge are so much better. Though, you deal with what's available in the area... and this is all you get up here in Northern Japan. Place is falling apart visually.

The indoor waterpark area is inside an abandoned giant hangar that's not getting a lot of love up top. Visual rust, algae growing, paint chipping, even the slides look like they've been through a few decades. Pieces of the fake stone decor is missing in some areas. The saltwater fish tank in between the lazy river is waaay to small for the fish inside. And the water you use to clean off your feet prior to going into the waterpark has no filtration system... you can see the hair and dirt waving around in it. I felt like I was actually making my feet dirtier stepping into it.

Everything costs extra (slides, tubes, towels, lockers, buffet drinks) and there are shops & restaurants everywhere trying to suck you dry with way too much inventory. Sunday is always the busiest anywhere you go in Japan, so avoid that day if possible as it's usually 5x normal crowds.

We didn't pick our rooms with ITT but i wish we could've because we definitely got the ghetto wing (South Tower 2). Maybe they've had problems with service member families tearing up the place or whatever, but ya... it would've been nice to choose a view and better living conditions even if it cost extra. The rest of the hotel looks great except this part. Really makes me question doing anymore ITT trips that aren't nature hikes.

Bottom line, bring tubes, towels, yen and don't expect too much. It's not Schliterbahn.

5.04 months ago

Fun place for you and your family. Some of those rides are wild. Have to go if you are in Iwaki. You can easily spend the whole day and have fun.

4.04 months ago

Feel Hawaiian so much! Huge resort and full of activity. I like Edo style Onsen here. It’s so impressive. Hula dance show is so nice.

5.010 months ago

Hot Springs, Pool and Hula Dance accommodation type theme park. There are 3 types of accommodation facilites, you can choose according to usage and price. The pool and indoor air conditioning use the heat of hot springs and you can enjoy the pool all year round.

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