Byobugaura Cliff

Sightseeing information about Byobugaura Cliff in Japan.

Byobugaura Cliff (Byobu-ga-ura)2.0

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Byobugaura is a sea cliff which stretches for about 10km (6.2miles) from Naarai, Choshi City to Cape Gyobu, Asahi City, in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture. The 40- to 50-meter-(130- to 164-foot-)high cliff creates a majestic coastal landscape, which is often called "the Dover of Orient" due to its resemblance to the White Cliffs of Dover in England. The impressive scenery of the rough cliffs is a popular location for the films, TV commercials, promotional videos and especially for the last scenes of suspense dramas. Designated as a National Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument in March 2016.

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5.03 years ago

It's a good place to waste a whole Sunday.

4.02 months ago

Kenshi Yonezu’s new song KAムパネルラ’s mv was filmed here? ?

5.02 months ago

This is the location for Yonezu-san's cam panelra.

4.03 weeks ago

It is a superb view spot. It was a perfect score if the weather was nice.

5.0a month ago

The weather was nice and hot, but the scenery was good.

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