Mt. Nokogiri Nihonji Temple

Sightseeing information about Mt. Nokogiri Nihonji Temple in Japan.

Mt. Nokogiri Nihonji Temple (Nokogiri-yama Nihon-ji)4.3

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Nihon-ji is a Soto sect Buddhist temple in Kyonan-machi Town, Chiba Prefecture. Its precinct covers the entire southern slope of Mt. Nokogiri-yama (altitude 329.4m / 1080.7ft). It is said that it was opened in AD 725 by Gyoki, a famous Buddhist priest of the Nara Period, by order of Emperor Shomu. The temple is dedicated to Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai (Healing Buddha) and is known for its 31m/102ft-high Big Buddha figure, Nihon-ji Daibutsu, carved on a rock face. (Japanese)
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PurposeSeasonal Flowers,mountain climbing,History,shrine/temple,sightseeing
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5.07 months ago

A wonderful day trip for the body, mind and soul. So many things to see and do, like a Buddhist Disneyland. You won’t be disappointed.

5.08 months ago

This place is a truly japanese cultural experience and serves many purposes, you can do a very nice hike with no so many people as most people chose to go up by cable car. Once you reach up, the carvings of the buddhas all along the way and the big buddha are truly a gem.

5.03 months ago

Sky photos of this amazing statue.

4.0a month ago

nice and historical place in japan

4.0a year ago

I wasn't able to walk the trail due to in proper footwear and being accompanied by a 3 year old. However, the brief tour of the daibutsu was a nice stop dueing our drive back to Tokyo.
The walk to the gondola looks pretty intense. I saw many people huffing and puffing and it wasn't even hot by Japanese standards.

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