Tateyama Family Park

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Tateyama Family Park (Tateyama Family Koen)2.1

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Tateyama Family Park is a leisure park which boast a site of over 132,000 square meters (33 acres) with a variety of flowers all around. It is situated on a small hill overlooking the Heisaura Coast in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, between the Sunosaki Lighthouse and the Nojimasaki Lighthouse along the Boso Flower Line road. In the park you can enjoy viewing and/or picking flowers including poppies, tasting fruits such as Dragon fruits, fishing, sports activities, a barbecue, and trying to make perfume with herbs etc. Highly recommended family day out. A dog park available.
http://familypark.jp/ (Japanese)

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5.08 months ago

So beautiful!!! Recommended!!! The real flowers are more beautiful than pictures. Visited on 6-Feb 👍🏻👍🏻

5.09 months ago

Low cost and huge area to walk around. Kid friendly and English friendly.

4.02 years ago

Nice place for flowers lover and good place for kids to play.

5.03 years ago

Beautiful place where you can bring some flowers home as well.

5.05 months ago

Restaurant Hanamichi
If you order a mackerel set meal, it's thick and greasy and it's really delicious!
I didn't expect it to be cheap, but I want to eat it every day!
870 yen costs 1000 yen locally.
People at other tables ate fried shrimp, but it looks big and delicious!
The whale croquette was also delicious!
The clerk feels good and is very satisfied.
I wonder if I enjoyed taking a walk in the park.

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