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Nagashima Spaland4.6

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This amusement park at the mouth of the Kiso River is among the largest in Japan. Since its opening in 1966, it has been attracting visitors with an abundance of scream rides. The most popular is Steel Dragon 2000, the world's longest roller coaster that resides imposingly in the park. There are other roller coasters for your long-lasting memory, including wood-made White Cyclone, one of the largest of its kind in the world, and Cork Screw which features vertical looping movement.

The gigantic swimming pool is open during the summer months, and a huge flower garden is decorated with dreamlike illumination at night. The shopping mall offers popular items at reasonable prices, and a hot spring bathhouse is available to heal your tired feet at the end of the day out. This is a place where families, couples and group tourists can have a great time.

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3.02 weeks ago

Great amusement park. Drop the kids off there and then head across the parking lot to the hugs outlet in site for some shopping. However if you're looking for great deals, the outlets in the US are much better. This Outlook seems to be a collection of write name shops but the deals don't seem to be that great. It's also very crowded.

5.03 months ago

I visited the spa part of park, as a foreigner I was a little bit surprised at the experience. But felt very welcome by staff. It was easy to navigate spa section if you look around first. Also the food was great, I took a break and enjoyed the great food selection there, then went back in spa. This place was great for me. A Must do*****

4.03 months ago

Park is showing its age but it still is the one of the best ones for the roller coaster afficionado. Count at least 6 guaranteed to give a thrill even to the most avid coaster fan. One bonus for those who are into shopping is that the park is right beside an outlet center.

5.02 months ago

I’ve been here for 2-3 times, and my last visit was year 2009 and all of that visit was an amazing experience. Though the first one was a letdown because the Steel Dragon was under maintenance, but overall I had a blast every visit.

5.0a week ago

Please take care for weather, as unfortunately today it was all raining so most of the rides were closed or closed after some time. But we enjoyed to the fullest.

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