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Kaisei-yu, a traditional Japanese public bath (sento) located in Ota Ward, Tokyo, is popular as the "bath with fish tanks". Live goldfish, tiny carps and sturgeons are swimming in the tanks embedded in the wall beside the bath tubs and you can enjoy watching them while you're relaxing in hot water. In addition to their Kuro-yu (black hot spring) aka Moor Bath and Shiro-yu (white hot spring) aka Silk-yu (whitish hot spring with silky fine bubbles), they feature Japan's first Kuro-Tansan-yu (carbonated black hot spring) which is effective for skin beautifying, body warming and good blood circulation.
http://www.kaiseiyokujou.com/ (Japanese)

Purposekids,hot springs,Animals,Rainy Day
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5.010 months ago

The black water sento was soooo amazing!! There were three different temperature options for the black water pools. Then there was a silky bath and a regular water bath that even had a personal jet area. Make sure you bring your own towel and soap! Everyone was so nice and helpful here 😊

5.04 months ago

It's an awesome public bath in Kamata area. Especially, their chilled water tub is refreshing and one of many reasons I go to Kaisei-yu rather than others. Pretty great!

4.0a year ago

The black water really makes your skin soft. Nice bath. You have to bring your own soap or buy it on spot.

5.02 years ago

Fantastic Sento, staff very accommodating to foreigners. Great traditional Japanese experience. This is a REAL sento

5.0a year ago

Really great.

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