Onshi Hakone Park

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Onshi Hakone Park (Onshi Hakone Koen)4.0

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A park with a land area of approximately 160,000 square meters on the Togashima Peninsula in the Lake Ashi-no-ko, Hakone Town, Kanagawa prefecture. In 1886, a summer villa for the Imperial family and their foreign guests was constructed on this site and there were buildings including the western- and Japanese-style buildings, the official residence and barracks. They collapsed due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Northern Izu Earthquake and the reconstruction plan was called off by Japan's entry into the WW2. After the war, in 1946, this Imperial site was given to Kanagawa Prefecture and opened to the public as the Onshi Hakone-koen Park (Onshi means "an Imperial gift"). Today in the middle of the park there is the Lakeside Observation Building, which was build by imitating the original Western-style Building, and it exhibits plans and models of the Imperial villa on its 1st floor. On its 2nd floor, there is a tea room Ryokushi-an, a lounge and a balcony with a splendid view of Mt.Fuji, Lake Ashi-no-ko and green mountains.

PurposeSeasonal Flowers,cherry blossom viewing,History,autumn foliage,sightseeing
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5.011 months ago

Nice place ! Must visit once !!!

4.06 months ago

Onshi Hakone park is an imperial villa and garden built in1886. It was used as a secondary residence for the imperial household. Visitors can admire lake Ashi and mount Fuji from the garden. In the garden visitors can enjoy viewing different plants trees and flowers which is beautiful year round.

In spring you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, lilies in the summer and in the fall the colorful autumn foliage makes its appearance.

Winter again brings a dazzling white scenery of the snowy garden. It is always fun to ride a bike around and to walk in the garden as well as to have a picnic on a sunny day.

4.05 months ago

On clear day, this spot has one the best views of Mount Fuji, with the beautiful Ashinoko lake in the front. It’s free to visit but there is a parking fee. One hour is enough to visit, but those with plenty time can try the walking trail and explore the woods of this former Emperor’s property. Combine it with your visit to the Hakone checkpoint, which is a must.

4.04 months ago

Photo of the reconstructed Hakone Detached Palace (Kyu Hakone Rikyu), which used to be part of a larger summer retreat complex for the imperial family called the Hakone Palace (1886 to 1945). After the war, the palace grounds were converted into a public park and the detached palace was converted into a museum. On a clear day, the 2nd floor balcony offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji with Ashinoko Lake in the foreground.

5.0a year ago

Love this park. Very well maintained and clean. There is a view of Mount Fudji. I will highly recommend this mark as a must see!

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