Sanyo Media Flower Museum / Chiba City Flower Art Museum

Sightseeing information about Sanyo Media Flower Museum / Chiba City Flower Art Museum in Japan.

Sanyo Media Flower Museum / Chiba City Flower Art Museum (Chiba-shi Hana no Bijutsu-kan)3.9

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The Sanyo Media Flower Museum (Chiba City Flower Art Museum) is located in the Inage Seaside Park in Mihama-ku Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. As well as being an art museum, it is also a botanical garden and about 48,000 plants of 1,600 species are planted in both indoor and outdoor gardens. A variety of activities related to flowers and plants, such as exhibitions of photos/pictures of flowers and the Christmas event (tree exhibits, making pine-cone-tree, concerts, Christmas wreath exhibition etc.) are held to feel closer to flowers and plants. (Japanese)

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5.0a year ago

Sanyo Media Flower Museum - we stumble across this place after a day of chilling out on the beach. It’s a wonderful little place and didn’t come up on any of our searches of what to do locally strangely.
It’s a flower museum/botanical garden and at the time of our visit there was a Christmas theme. Everything is flower related and there’s no need for English translations since a lot of the signs are plant names in Latin - but we were given an English leaflet at the entrance. There’s lots of little nooks and crannies where flower exhibits are - in one there were 3 ladies who had made pictures with flower pieces and we bought one for only 1,300 yen, which we thought was very cheap considering the effort put in to making it! Sadly the large ones were not for sale. There is a kitchen garden on the roof, a large greenhouse with tropical plants, separate outdoor garden areas with herbs and colourful flowers.
On the side there is a souvenir shop and a cafe that has a menu for dogs (brilliant!). For a mere 300 yen I think this is totally worth a visit if you are in the area. The surrounding park area and beach are a great place to relax, even though we ended up walking a lot in the end!

5.04 months ago

I really love to visit this place. The flowers always change according to the season.

5.04 years ago

A large flower museum filled with all sorts of flowering plants, inside, outside and on top of the building. For the flower freaks, you'll enjoy going though every nook of this place looking at what it has to offer. The big green house houses the tropical plants and flowers. Every other place presents seasonal flowers. I've been here several times and they change the plants according to the seasons. Even outside the museum in the free area there are so many flowers to see. Don't miss the rose garden tucked away behind the museum.

5.02 years ago

Very nice museum.

5.02 years ago

Very nice

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