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The Landmark Plaza is a 5-story shopping mall adjacent to the Landmark Tower in Yokohama. The 200m-long mall has 160 speciality shops gathering around two grandiose atriums - Garden Square, an European-themed square, and Festival Square whose interior is has a friendly, casual feel.

The mall features a large variety of restaurants, cafes and confectionary shops on the 1st floor, fashion boutiques on the 3rd floor, and a Pokemon Center on the 4th floor. The 5th floor has a bookstore, stationary and souvenir shops and an event hall where exhibitions, concerts and movies are held, and is connected to the dining area of the Landmark Tower standing at 296m.

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5.03 months ago

Love this place, luckily it was a sunny bright day in February and we were able to see snow capped Mt. Fuji! It was amazing! Other buildings and views up to Tokyo were also great! Took 40 seconds to go up the 59th floor, where the Sky Garden is, the entrance was on the 3rd floor. Plus, the souvenir shop had reasonable prices, got a bottle of Yokohama cider, caramel lollies and Yokohama curry sauce, all for under 900 yen, I was surprised!

5.04 months ago

We love to visit this area every time we visit Yokohama. There are so many shops and restaurants around here that you will have a hard trying to decide which ones to try out. Plus there is also some type of entertainment so make sure you grab a snack and drink before you enjoy the show.

4.08 months ago

The Landmark Tower gives you the Yokohama City feel at 273 meters sky view. great place for shopping, eating and sight seeing and the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. It has a variety of restaurants and remarkable shopping stores. The observatory deck that gives a 360 degree birds eye view of Yokohama City makes it an interesting experience. The elevator moves at a really fast speed, (the fasted in the world currently) but you can hardly tell when you are inside. The Landmark tower is a place to visit when you come to Japan.

5.04 months ago

So... I have been visiting quite a few tall and taller buildings around the world but... Yokohama Landmark Tower has stunned me with how cleaned the viewing windows were. Absolutely stunning!!!! I had the impression that there were no windows at all. If there are other reasons to go up the Landmark Tower, the clear views should definitely make you pay the entrance ticket and enjoy it. One of the photos I'm attaching is a composite image made out of a couple photos combined using dedicated software.

5.05 months ago

Nice panoramic view, and it only costs ¥1000. Be sure to take advantage of the time there as they serve food and drinks. You also need to remember to reserve seats if you want to go there for a date.

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