Tourist information about Kannami, farmhouse-stay Shizuoka Japan

A recommended route to experience Kannami


Kannami Town is a nature-rich basin surrounded by Hakone Mountains.
Visitors can experience harvesting vegetables or milking cows, as well as learning about the wonders of the universe and the history of Kannami.
Kannami Town is known for agriculture and dairy farming, and Tanna's brand item such as "Tanna Milk" and "Kannami Vegetable" are the must-try.
Also, it is easily accessible to Hakone or Atami.

This is a recommended route where you can experience all about Kannami.
As well as this route, there are many other attractive spots in Kannami Town. Come and find your own private Kannami!

Route Vegetable Harvest Experience  Tanna Milk  Jukkoku Pass Rest House  Planetarium Show


Vegetable Harvest Experience3.0

"Dairy Kingdom Oratche" is a tourist farm located in Kannami Town, Tagata County, Shizuoka Prefecture which raises cows, goats, sheep, and rabbits.There are also activities like milking cows, creating butter and ice cream, and harvesting vegetables. The farm’s shop sells dairy products such as juices, jams, and local beers.
Come harvest and taste fresh seasonal vegetables!

Admission: 600 yen
Period: All Year Round
Hours: 30 minutes
Number of participants: 1 - 130
Address: "Dairy Kingdom Oratche" 349-1, Tanna, Kannami-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka
Tel: 055-974-4192

Vegetable Harvest ExperienceVegetable Harvest ExperienceVegetable Harvest Experience

about 0.1kmGoogle Transit

Tanna Milk3.0

"Tanna Milk" is Shizuoka prefecture's brand milk with 140 year history, made in Tanna Basin.
Tanna Milk is delivered by reliable dairy farmers in the eastern part of Shizuoka, including Tanna area. They have been producing fresh and trustworthy milk which come with a producer's certificate.

*Factory Tour is opened for large party only.
*Tanna Milk and Tanna dairy products can be bought at the souvenir shop in Oratche.

For more details, please see the official website of Tanna Milk.(Japanese only)

Tanna MilkTanna MilkTanna Milk

about 3.3kmGoogle Transit

Jukkoku Pass Rest House

Hukkoku Pass Rest House in Kannami Town, Shizuoka is a convenient roadside rest house built inside of the lower station of the Jukkoku Pass Cable Car features a local souvenir shop and local restaurants.
Jukkoku Pass is designated as Registered Monuments by the national government in 2016.
From the peak, you can see the magnificent panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, and Sagami Bay with the Izu Peninsula in between.

Jukkoku Pass Rest House
Admission : Free
Hours : 8:40~17:00 Open throughout the year
Free Parking : about 300 lots available
Address : 1400-20 Kuwahara Aza Kunimitake Kannami Town, Shizuoka Prefecture

Jukkoku Pass Rest HouseJukkoku Pass Rest House

about 4.1kmGoogle Transit

Planetarium Show3.0

360° Digital Planetarium shows high-resolution, high-definition video.
Enjoy the journey to space!

Hours: 60 mins
Schedule: 11:00(weekday), 11:00/14:00(Sat. Sun. Holiday) 

Adult: 600 yen
Child (age 4 up to junior high school student): 300 yen
Over 70 years old: 480 yen
Group admission (20% off) is applied to a group with members more than 20 persons.
Children must be at least 4 years old to attend the planetarium shows.

Venue: Gekko Astronomical Observatory
Address: 1308-222, Kuwahara, Kannami-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka
Tel: 055-979-1428

Planetarium ShowPlanetarium Show