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Sunset Waterfall (Kintaro's birthplace and the rocks Kintaro played with )3.0

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Sunset Waterfall is a 23m-tall and 5m-wide waterfall that is falling on Uchikawa river, the tributary of the Sakawagawa river. It it said that Kintaro took his first bath in Sunset Waterfall. It is named after the beauty of the waterfall shining on the sunset or the look of the setting sun into the waterfall.
In spring, the color of fresh green is vivid and beautiful, and it turns red in autumn. The campsite opens every summer, and it is a good place for kids to play with water. ”Open Sunset Waterfall Festival” is held on first Sunday of July every year, hosts a Shinto ritual to mark the start of waterfall season.

Access: 25 mins by bus from Daiyuzan Sta., then get off Jidozo stop and walk 15 mins.


Nearest Airport/StationAshigara St. (about 4.7km) Google Transit


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A short 5 minute walk from the parking lot by the campground. Lot of people doing Buddhist cleansing rituals under the waterfall which is interesting to see.

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