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Ashigara-toge Pass Flute Festival3.5

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 September 8, 2019

Ashigara-toge Pass, Ashigara Castle Ruins

This festival is held by Koyama town and Kanagawa prefecture Minami Ashigara city with Ashigara-toge pass in between, derived from the historical allusion of Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu who is a master of Sho (traditional Japanese wind instrument resembling panpipes) in warrant of the Heian period.
In addition to the Fuetsuka memorial service ceremony, performances such as sho, drum, demonstration of sword dance, archery, matchlock gun peformance, and Fukumame spreading are performed, and the tug of war battle by primary school students between Ashigara Castle Ruins Square and the two city halls is also featured.

1. Date: September 9th (Sunday) 2018 10: 30 am
2. Location: Ashigara-toge Pass, Ashigara Castle Ruins
3. Contents: 10:30 - The Fuetsuka memorial service ceremony
11: 10 - Sponsor greetings, taiko performance, tug-of-war territory battle warfare, Fukumame spread, etc.

On due date, extra buses will run from Suruga-Oyama station to Ashigara-toge Pass.


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Great place with unbeatable views of Fuji and the surrounding plains.

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I went to investigate Taiheiki's Takenoshita battle. When you go to the site, you can see many things that you can't imagine from the imagination on the desk. I will also write on the "minor historic site", so please google with the word "minor historic site".

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