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Fuji Marathon Festa3.7

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 December 23, 2018

Fuji Speedway

"Fuji Marathon Festa" is a marathon competition which is held in "Fuji Speedway", one of the most famous race circuit in Japan. Fuji Speedway is at the foot of Mount Fuji in Oyama town, Shizuoka Prefecture and staged the Formula One in 2007 and 2008.
The events are a half-marathon, one-lap marathon(4.4 km), two-lap marathon(8.8 km), 3 km marathon(students or a parent and child pair), and team competition.
The number of participants is about 2,600.

Date: January 23 (Sun.)
Venue: Fuji Speedway

Participation fee

Half-marathon: 4,500 yen
Lap-marathon: 3,800 yen
Competition marathon: 14,000 yen

High school student: 2,200 yen(half-lap marathon)
Junior high and elementary student: 1,600 yen(3 km marathon), 6,000 yen(competition marathon)
Parent and child pair: 4,500 yen (3 km marathon)


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5.08 months ago

Nice track, great people, much wow

5.07 months ago

Fun course

5.0a year ago

Wonderful experience.

5.0a year ago

Near to mount Fuji

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