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Yaegiri Pond3.2

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In the reservoir for agricultural water (made in 1918), after the embankment was broken by the typhoon, it was repaired and rebuilt as a water park.
When walking around the surrounding routes, the ponds aspect fluctuate, the autumn foliage is exquisitely beautiful.
It features a peaceful mountainside view and drawbridge, a place suitable for things such as taking a break on the waterside and picnics.
During the redevelopment in 1996, this place was named "Yaegiri Pond" as a reminder of the legend of Kintaro.

Cars: National Highway No. 246 Nakajima IC 3 minutes after the train, 5 minutes from the Oyama Town office


Nearest Airport/StationSuruga-Oyama St. (about 2.5km) Google Transit


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別名 中島ダムという立派なダムです。「堰(せき)」ではありません。典型的なアースダムです。

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