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Yorimitsu-taimen Waterfall (Fudo Waterfall)4.0

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A place that Kintaro first met Minamoto No Yorimitsu, a warrior of the Heian period, famous for slaying the Shutendouji at Mt. Oesan.
In tradition, Yorimitsu finds red clouds along the ridges, felt there must be a hero under those clouds and orders the Watanabe No Tsuna to see it in a hurry, Tsuna tells Kintaros and his parents, and it is said that he has accompanied both of them to this place.
Later on, Watanabe No Tsuna, Usui Sadamitsu, Urabe No Suetake and Kintaro (Sakata No Kintoki), those four later became known as Yorimitsu Shitenno.


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